Day 10: Saturday

Day 10: Saturday

Subtraction Reflection

Read: Psalm 69:9-18, 30-33

We are a week-and-a-half into Lent, and at the end of our time exploring the theme “Subtract.” What has Subtraction felt like to you? Perhaps you feel freer, lighter, and less tethered to the world? Or maybe you feel empty and wrung out, like a poured-out vessel or a dried-up sponge?

Maybe you can relate to the psalmist’s attitude in verses 9-12 of this passage: “Is all this fasting worth it? What am I even doing this for? No one even understands why I am doing this, not even me!” But the psalm writer never loses hope; he knows God’s love is steadfast and enduring, and by the end of Psalm 69, he is singing God’s praise: “I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving” (Psalm 69:30, NRSV).

Whether you are choosing to fast this Lent, or even if you are simply reflecting on the negative behaviors and unhealthy attitudes that you need to subtract from your life, remember this: God sees your efforts and hears your prayers. The Lord will not forsake you or abandon you. God honors a humble heart that is desiring to earnestly follow after Christ. Like the psalmist, you can rest assured that God knows the process you are going through, and that God will not leave you alone in the midst of it.

Reflect: What has subtraction felt like for you? Has it been an enjoyable experience, or has it been painful and difficult?