Day 16: Saturday

Day 16: Saturday

Add Scripture

Read: Psalm 19:7-14

Despite being a Christian for my entire life and a pastor for nearly all of my adult life, I have never been consistent with adding in the practice of daily Scripture reading into my regular routine. I’ve tried apps, Bible reading plans, email subscriptions, expensive study Bibles, fancy journals, and creative lettering—but I always seem to fall out of the habit after about a month or so. I read the Bible to plan lessons and write curriculum and prep sermons, but I’m not so great about reading it for my own spiritual growth. Maybe you can relate?

Yet in today’s passage, the psalmist declares such marvelous things about the words of Scripture: they are perfect, they revive the soul, they are sure and clear, they enlighten the heart, they make the soul rejoice, and they are true and altogether righteous. He even goes on to say they are “more desired than gold” and “sweeter than honey”! Clearly, adding Scripture into our lives for its own sake contains great benefit and value!

As we wrap up our weekly theme of addition, what spiritual practice do you need to continue to add into your own life? Maybe it is a Work of Piety, such as prayer, the study of Scripture, or corporate worship. Maybe it is Works of Mercy, those acts of justice and kindness toward others. Or maybe it is inner works of addition, as we add in more forgiveness, grace, and compassion toward ourselves and others.

Reflect: What have you already gained from adding the spiritual practice of daily reflection into your life this Lent?