Day 22: Saturday

Day 22: Saturday

Simplification Reflection

Read: Psalm 131:1-3

When our homes become less cluttered by the stuff we continue to buy and we are released from the cycles of consumerism and greed, we find that our schedules become more open and our giving becomes more generous. We discover what truly matters in life, and that where our heart is, our treasure is as well.

When our minds are free from the distractions of worry and stress, we are able to more fully trust in the promises of God. We can then believe that God truly does care for us, just as God cares for the birds of the air and the flowers of the field.

When we practice a faith that is less bogged down by overcomplicated religious rules and legalistic standards—many of which are self-imposed—we are able to truly enter into authentic relationship with God and practice compassion and justice toward others.

When we come before Jesus as little children—humble and simple, yet unashamed—we discover that Jesus meets us there, just as we are. We never need to put on a show for God. We can be our true, childlike selves.

All of this is simplicity. As the psalmist in today’s passage has quieted his soul and emptied his mind, becoming again like an infant child as he enters into God’s presence, we too can heed this beautiful call of simplification. Will you accept the invitation to simplify?

Reflect: In what area do you want to continue to practice simplicity even after this week or this Lent has ended?