Day 24: Tuesday

Day 24: Tuesday

Forgetful Disciples

Read: Matthew 20:17-23

In yesterday’s parable, we encountered a servant with short-term memory problems. Today, we find that Jesus’ disciples are also suffering from forgetfulness issues. Moments after Jesus predicts His death (for the third time) and declares that He would suffer great pain, betrayal, and crucifixion, the mother of two of Jesus’ disciples approaches Him with a special request: could her sons be granted special places of honor in His coming Kingdom?

At this point, Jesus is likely frustrated. He is probably wondering, “Don’t you guys get it yet? Don’t you remember anything I have been telling you over the past three years?” Yet Jesus patiently explains it to them one more time: “My Kingdom is unlike any other kingdom of this world. The first shall be last, and the least will be greatest.” Jesus also warns the disciples that they will be a part of His coming Kingdom, but it would be painful and it would be an act of service, not privilege and honor.

It is easy to dismiss the disciples for their forgetfulness, but how often does Jesus need to tell us something before we get it through our heads too? “Remember, it’s not all about you.” “Remember, you don’t have to do this all on your own.” “Remember, the first shall be last.” “Remember, I love you and I am with you.” Fortunately, when we forget, Jesus is always there to patiently remind us.

Reflect: What do you need a reminder of from Jesus right now?