Day 25: Wednesday

Day 25: Wednesday

Remember God’s Goodness

Read: Luke 15:11-24

One of Jesus’ most iconic parables, the Parable of the Prodigal Son, contains a powerful moment of remembrance. At his lowest moment, sitting in the muck of a pig pen with a hungry belly and empty pockets, the younger son in the story suddenly remembers the home where he had grown up. In many Bible translations of this story, the moment is captured by the phrase, “he came to his senses” (Luke 15:17). The son recalls that at his father’s home, there was always plenty to eat. At his father’s home, even the hired hands and servants were treated better than he was in his current condition. After days and weeks of hunger and misery, the son finally remembered his father’s goodness.

When it has been many long days and nights since we have felt God’s nearness and presence in our lives, we too can become forgetful. When it feels like we are far from home, or it seems like we have fallen too far from God’s grace, we might have trouble remembering God’s goodness. But like the father in the story, God our Father stands ready to welcome us back into His arms and remind us of His grace and goodness.

If you are stuck in the mire and chaos of life, remember that God stands ready to receive you back, full of goodness and love. May you too “come to your senses” and be reminded that God cannot wait to throw a party of celebration just for you.

Reflect: Have you ever had a moment in your life when you “came to your senses”?