Second Sunday of Lent

Second Sunday of Lent

Teach Us to Pray

Read: Luke 11:1-4

During Lent, along with implementing a traditional fast or other form of subtraction, it is common for Christians to also take on a new habit or spiritual practice. In this way, we are “adding” something into our lives to take the place of that which we are subtracting. This addition may be a new way of praying, a devotional practice, additional community worship gatherings, daily Scripture readings, or some other spiritual discipline.

The disciples turned to Jesus for instruction in adding a new form of prayer into their lives by asking, “Lord, will you teach us to pray?” Presumably, as Jewish men, they had already been taught many prayers throughout their lifetimes, but still they longed for something more, and a fresh expression of prayer. Because of their humble request, we received from Jesus what is now known as the Lord’s Prayer, recorded in both Luke’s gospel in today’s passage and also in Matthew 6:9-13. Their plea for an additional prayer practice led to a prayer that has been prayed by Christians around the world, in churches both big and small, for the past two thousand years.

This Lent, what will God reveal to you when you open yourself up to new practices and new habits? When you ask God to add deeper meaning to your life through a new spiritual discipline, God will not let you down.

Reflect: What new habit or practice do you hope to add to your life this Lent?